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HAMMAM - What is it?

Hammam, a mysterious and mystical sounding word. What does that mean exactly? A traditional bathing ceremony from Turkey with a high wellness factor. Immerse, dive and feel fantastic is the motto here for relaxation for the body and soul. Get involved in the fascinating bathing ceremony of the hammam and discover the wellness pleasure. With the bathing rite of the hammam, everyday worries can be quickly thrown overboard and new strength can be refueled in peace. A combination of body cleansing, steam bath, sensual fragrances and a soothing massage awaits you. The hammam is a popular oasis for a well-being, not only on cold and rainy days. At any time you can harmonize your own forces here.

History of the Hammam

In Islamic tradition, it is still customary today to perform the bathing ceremony of the hammam regularly at least once a week and before special holidays. The origin of the hammam culture can be found in the Orient and has developed over thousands of years. If you`ll ever travel to Anatolia, you´ll find the most beautiful and oldest bathhouses here.

By the way, a hammam is traditionally not only used for cleansing the body and relaxation. Above all it is a meeting place for communication. In a hammam people can exchange their daily dose of gossip and gossiped in a relaxed atmosphere. This distinguishes Turkish bathhouses from most hammam temples in Germany. Here, they are primarily places of tranquility.

A steam bath with history and fixed rituals

In the hammam, the central element of the ritual is water. Water and wellness are inseparable, both are a pleasure and a journey away from the stressful everyday life and hectic. Mountains of foam and pleasant sensual scents take you to the Orient and, above all, to pure relaxation. Before the treatment starts, you undress in the "Camekan", the changing room, and wrap the "Pestemal", a linen cloth, around your hips.

The complete wellness treatment is usually performed and accompanied by a "tellak". A "Tellak" is a bath attendant, who is allowed to use this title only after long experience and mastery of all hammam rituals.

Hammam - course of the bathing ceremony

And this is how the traditional bathing ceremony proceeds:

  1. First, a bath or shower is taken for pure cleansing. Clear water, without soap, flows over the body to wash away sweat and body dirt.
  2. Now a visit to the steam bath awaits. This is at a pleasant temperature of 45 °C. While the muscles relax, the heat opens the skin pores. This is an ideal prerequisite for the subsequent peeling, which can then have a more intensive effect.
  3. After about 10 to 15 minutes, lukewarm water is allowed to flow over the body and the body soap is applied.
  4. Afterwards one may lie down on a warm marble plate "Göbektasi". With a special wash glove the "Kees" washes the "Tellak" with professional massage techniques the body. Skin flakes and deeper deposits can be completely removed, the skin is also supplied with blood and appears rosy and fresh. A skin like velvet and silk!
  5. Once again, the entire body is enveloped in fragrant foam. The "Tellak" now begins with the Hammam massage. Each "Tellak" has its own and special handles. During the massage it is not difficult to just think about nothing at all and concentrate only on yourself.
  6. The massage is finished with more warm water pours.
  7. To fully enjoy the complete ceremony, you should rest for a few minutes afterwards, lie down again and if you like, you can drink some delicious tea.